The Dubai Shopping Festival is a shopping extravaganza hosted by Dubai each year. A festival that brings shopping addicts from different parts of the world for two good reasons: shopping and entertainment. The Dubai Shopping Festival has transformed the face of Dubai on the international arena. The brand density per person in Dubai is one of the highest in the world. There are different top notch and designer labels along with homegrown brands housed in Dubai that make it one of the irresistible shopping destinations in the world. During the DSF, there are  a wide variety of options available to match all tastes across all budgets. We have listed some of the factors why the Dubai Shopping Festival is the biggest shopping extravaganza in the world. 

dubai shoping festival

1.You have time on your hand, utilize it

The DSF held annually in the Dec/Jan each year. So, plan your trip well in advance. Research well before going in for whatever you like. If you make a list of things you need to prioritize first, then you can get the best of the DSF. Been  a month-long festival, you have plenty of time during the festival to uncover the hidden jewels in this grand celebration.

2.A legendary festival

Ever since its inception in 1996, DSF has grown by leaps and bounds as a shopping brand across the world. People from different parts of the world come over to Dubai just to participate and be a part of this unique and biggest shopping extravaganza in the world. Be it, shopping for clothing, accessories, beauty, footwear, jewelry, or homemade materials; the Dubai Shopping Festival has plenty of options that match different tastes. What’s more, all these offered at incredible discounts up to 70% off, which makes shopping even more exciting.

3.It is an affordable festival across all budgets

Its raining discounts, and the world media are in tizzy covering the same. People wait with a baited breadth and stock up their budgets all through the year to uncover the hidden jewels of this festival. The discounts, promotions, and free goodies distributed during the DSF is unmatchable to any shopping festival in the world. The healthy competition running between different tour operators benefits the end customers. Not only is the atmosphere great, but there are also numerous offers running on tour packages of Dubai tourism that makes it one of the best places to visit during the DSF.

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4.Decorate your wardrobe with your favorite designer brands

Well, in most of the cases, you may have to sell out a fortune to own these designer brands. The DSF gives you an opportunity to own some of the best designer labels in the world. This raffle draw is one of the most flamboyant raffles draws conducted in the world. It is a perfect opportunity to come back richer than you are. From cash prizes to owning super luxury cars to 100 kg gold and jewelry, with every purchase in the DSF, you increase your chance to win these fabulous prizes.

5.Free Health Camp

One of the unique and special offerings of the DSF is the free health camp held at different sites across Dubai. Promotions and campaigns are run by the health ministry of Dubai to encourage health awareness. At the free clinics, you can get your sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, and BMI levels checked. If any health condition is observed, the doctors will guide you to future precautionary steps to be taken. Based on the recommendations in the health camp, you can seek the necessary treatment once you are back in your home country. Many tourists and visitors have showered praises and administration with this initiative from the health ministry.

6.Grand opening and closing ceremonies

The DSF comes with the most opulent and luxurious opening and closing ceremonies. Tourists and visitors plan their trip in a way that they get to witness either of them. Grand fireworks, light, and sound shows illuminate the skyline, and no stone is left upturned to make this one of the spectacular ceremonies in the world.