Dubai is a modern shopping hub of the world since the last decade or so. There is so much variety available at your disposal that one often gets confused and spoilt for choices for what to buy in Dubai. There are always generic gifts available at the souvenir shops at the Dubai airport. But it will definitely not give the feel of being or bought from the land of Dubai. But if you thought that the unique souvenirs for your loved ones back home need more research and lot of efforts seriously. This article will help you shop in the right places and give you more profound insights into what things to buy in Dubai.

1.Budget things To Buy in Dubai

1.Camel Milk Chocolate

camel milk chocolate things to buy in dubai

One of the best things to buy in Dubai, this is a local delicacy that is savored by both locals and tourists alike. The exclusivity of this product comes from the fact that it is manufactured by one single company named Al Nassma. They come in five mouth-watering varieties: dates, Arabic spiced, whole milk, macadamia, and 70% cocoa. The chocolates also come in camel shape that serves as memorable souvenirs for your loved ones. The shops selling these chocolates are available in the Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts, Emirates Towers Hotel, Souk Madinat Jumeirah, and many more.

2.Coffee and Arabic Coffee Pot

Arabic Coffee is a traditional beverage consumed by the locals. It uses a conventional way of coffee farming, especially in the Middle East. Not to match everyone’s taste, but it is a delight for the people who love it. As a combo, look out for Arabic Coffee pots that can be used daily. Popularly known as dallah, these coffee pots can also be used as a decorative piece. Some of the hotspots would be Dubai Coffee Museum and the Dubai Souks.

3.Dubai Dates

Bateel Dates

The dried fruits are another local delicacy that features in the best things to buy in Dubai. A regular feature in the culture of the Middle East and plays an integral part during essential festivals like the Ramadan. Being rich in essential fiber and essential minerals like calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, etc. Dates come with substantial health benefits as well. The Bateel shops spread across the city serve around 20+ varieties. Some of the favorite varieties include Kholas, Sokari, Khidri, and Madjool. The dates are served as almond and hazelnut bars as well.

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4.Dubai Spices

Variety of Spices Displayed in Spices Souk of Dubai

One of the essential flavors of Dubai that you can bring home. The Spice Souk is definitely a favorite among the home chefs. The rare variety and quality available in these souks are unmatched to any supermarket across the U.A.E. Do pack them well in your luggage as you do not want the strong aromas to vanish off once you land in your home country.

2.Premium Souvenirs To Buy in Dubai 

1.Gold Jewelry

Gold Ornament Displayed in a Shop in Gold Souk Dubai

The shiny yellow metal has caught the imagination of many locals and tourists since ages. This long-lasting gift costs much less as compared to the prices offered in your home country. This treasured gift will be one of the memorable souvenirs you would be carrying for your loved ones back home. The Dubai Gold Souk has everything you need regarding variety, quality, and designs. And what is the best part – you can bargain at the prices offered. It is a norm, so don’t worry about it. You can also head to the Gold and Diamond park or any Joyalukkas outlet in the city.

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3.Persian Rugs & Carpets

Carpets in Dubai

One of the expensive things to buy in Dubai. This souvenir definitely features in the premium gifts and is considered a worthy investment. It is essential that you check for excellent quality and authenticity whenever you buy one as many fakes are floating around. You can crack some of best bargains at the National Iranian Carpets or the Persian Carpet House at the Dubai Souks. To try the Dhow Cruise Dubai during your off-shopping hours.

4.Oudh and Bakhoor

Oudh and Bakhoor

The uniquely distinct aroma of the oudh or bakhoor is quite familiar while you explore the streets of Dubai. This mesmerizing fragrance features in pure oil, mixed oil of botanical oils and Oudh like jasmine and rose, and Oudh fragrance perfumes. Bakhoor is agarwood chips burned to produce an aroma that will create an ambiance to the entire room. It can be used as an alternative to candles and incense.

5.Pashmina Shawls

A premium gift for your loved ones back home, the Pashmina Shawls sold in Dubai are made of cashmere (goat hair in Southern part of Asia) blended with 30% silk to produce one of the smoothest and elegant fabrics. Do check the authenticity of the shawl by passing it through the ring. If it passes through easily, it is an authentic piece else a viscose fake. If you are not looking to cross your budget, try the silk or viscose versions. Some of the best bargains can be found at the Karama Market, Textile Souk, and Pashmina House.

3.What to buy in Dubai Mall?

Shopping Mall in Dubai

The world’s largest shopping mall houses 1200+ retail outlets ranging from top-notch labels to budget local brands. With an underwater aquarium and zoo, an ice skating rink, several movie theatres, the iconic Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Fountains in the neighborhood, several cafes and excellent dining restaurants, it completes your shopping experience for your entire family. The festive seasons like the Ramadan, the Dubai Shopping Festival, and the Dubai Summer Surprises gives you an opportunity to build an impressive collection of apparel, accessories, electronics, jewelry, and much more at affordable prices. Do visit the captivating Dubai aquarium on the way to the Dubai Mall, definitely one thing that will give you a much-needed break during your shopping hours.

4.What to buy in the Dubai Duty-Free?

The Dubai Duty-free at the International Airport is a popular shopping choice due to several reasons. The tax-free indulgence offers a wide selection range of electronics, perfumes, cosmetics, liquor, tobacco, chocolates, and much more. The variety and quality available at your disposal are very tempting and too hard to resist. Keep some extra buck for shopping at the Dubai Duty-Free as you will inevitably cross your budget.

The Dubai Emirate has continued to surprise both first-time and experienced shoppers with its incredible variety and quality. This article gives you some necessary information about what to buy in Dubai. Give your loved ones a memorable gift that they truly deserve. Let your gift speak about the beautiful time you had in the Dubai Emirate. Come and shop in the City of Gold.