Each year in January, Dubai brings the world together by hosting one of the biggest shopping extravaganzas in the world. The Dubai Shopping Festival or the DSF is one shopping festival that you cannot afford to miss out. With the authorities relaxing norms for the Dubai visa, traveling to Dubai for being a part of this shopping festival is no longer a hassle. Dubai has opened its arms to people from all over the world. People love the options, variety, and choices available on display at incredible prices. We have brought you some of the interesting facts about the Dubai Shopping Festival that would surprise you.


1.The history of the DSF

No longer a mystery to the people all over the world. But not many know that the DSF incepted in 1996 as a trading event for boosting the retail trade in Dubai. It has grown into a month-long extravaganza in all regards that has caught the attention of the world. The DSF is instrumental in changing the face of Dubai as a tourist destination. When the discounts offered are from 50-75% on the majority of the outlets and malls, you will have to find serious reasons to skip this event. More than 3 million people are part of this shopping extravaganza each year, making it one of the biggest and grand events in the world.

2.High on the entertainment quotient

There is a misconception that the Dubai Shopping Festival is only about shopping. But, not many people are aware that the DSF is high on the entertainment quotient as well. The Disney show is one of the prominent shows held during the Dubai Shopping Festival. Another popular addition to the list is the Beauty and the Beast, the award-winning Broadway musical. You will get something to engage yourself in this month-long extravaganza. There is a host of service providers and vendors offering great discounts and promotions. A great platform to connect and build your network. The DSF offers raffles that give you an opportunity to win amazing prices like gold, solitaire rings, and top international brand products.

3.More and more money flowing into the Dubai economy

The DSF is instrumental in tourism being one of the driving forces for the Dubai economy. The initial year of the DSF saw expenditure of AED 2.15 billion, and over the years, the expenditure, and the revenue has been steadily growing. The event has been a big boost to the development of the retail sector in Dubai and has transformed the global face of Dubai.

4.DSF is a wonderful opportunity for some great holiday offers

With the world eagerly awaiting the announcement of the DSF dates. You get not only amazing deals and promotions in the shopping, but also great holiday offers to visit Dubai. One of the rare occasion where you get shopping and holidays clubbed in one offer. The crowd visiting the DSF is immense, and considering the huge demand, airlines slash airfares to Dubai. It is, in fact, cheaper to visit Dubai during the DSF than at any other time of the year. In addition to these, there are fabulous discounts on other tours as well like the Burj Khalifa, Deep Sea cruises, Dhow Cruises, and Desert Safaris.

5.Get a chance to spot one of your favorite superstars

The public and the retailers are not the only participants in this festival. The DSF is a wonderful opportunity to spot some of your favorite superstars. Top malls and brands invite international celebrities to host musical dance shows, live concerts, and much more. Be a part of the live carnival with streets decorated with magicians and performers like comedians, illusionists, jugglers, etc. at every street corner. Spot your favorite bands and celebrities in action. All at no cost, still wondering to come over?

6.Tax-free shopping

Dubai is a tax-free city, and this is one of the main reasons why products come with such heavy discounts. The customers’ pay no taxes on any purchased product purchased as Islam forbids taxes. Even though UAE is a popular tourists destination, it still is deeply rooted to its religious sentiments, which makes the culture exciting to explore. The tax-free status of the products keeps the prices in the lower half of the spectrum. Combine these prices with the DSF discounts; you get mind-blowing prices on offer. And to the surprise, the retailers still make profits on the products sold. A win-win situation for both retailer and the customer.

7.Latest Fashion Trends

Dubai is one of the hotspot shopping destinations in the world, and also termed as the fashion capital of the Middle East. It hosts several fashion shows and a wide variety of fashionable items to buy all through the year and the DSF is no exception. The DSF gives you an opportunity to catch hold of the latest trends in fashion at unbelievable prices. Due to the intensity of the crowd visiting Dubai during the festival, many brands use the DSF platform to launch their new collection. You can also purchase off-season clothing and accessories at a low price. Add all the latest collections to your wardrobe with the amazing variety on offer.

8.The Gastronomical capital

Dubai being a global city also gives you a chance to indulge in some special gastronomical adventures. There are sampling sessions held all over the city where you get to taste and eat diverse cuisines from all over the world. A great place to try delicacies that you may have only heard off, but never got a chance to try it. You can also try out the Global Village is an open-air theme park that hosts pavilions from different countries across the globe. They have cooking corners where you can sample diverse cuisines from these countries. This is surely going to be one of the unforgettable experiences in the world.

9.Dubai Global Village

One of the prime highlights of the DSF, the Global Village had a very humble beginning in the initial year of the DSF. Today, it is visited by more than 6 million people with most of them coming over for the DSF. Due to the intense public visiting the Global Village, the venue has shifted from OudMetha in the Wafi City. A wonderful way to experience great food, diverse cultures, and special products from more than 75 countries hosting their pavilions. One of the places that you should never miss out on.

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10.Free Health Checkups

This is something you have unheard off. The DSF offers free health checkups that are organized by the health ministry for creating health awareness among the masses. These free clinics offer tests to check your blood pressure, sugar levels, cholesterol levels, and BMI. And if you have a deficiency or a condition, the Doctors happily guide you through the next action steps. During the festivities, people often skip focus on their health. One of the initiatives that has garnered appreciation and admiration from the tourists.