The Dubai Shopping Festival is synonymous with the glitz and glamour of Dubai. Such is the impact of this shopping extravaganza that the world has now named Dubai as the modern cosmopolitan city of the world. The Dubai Shopping Festival or the DSF, as it’s fondly known, decorate the entire city of Dubai and the festivities and celebrations carry on for over a month. The DSF has something across all age groups, no matter what your taste is. But with this famous festival, how does one uncover the best of what the DSF has to offer. Not to worry, we got it covered with useful tips and advice that will help you enjoy Dubai to its fullest.

A shopper’s dream destination, the DSF comes with discounted shopping offers and promotions up to a whopping 75%. Yes! You heard it right. There is a reason why the DSF had caught the attention of the world since its inception almost two decades ago.

1.Start shopping early

You have dreamt of something, and someone takes it away in front of your eyes. Well, this may have happened before. Don’t let this ruin your aspirations. Start shopping early so that you catch hold of the best action as others are still preparing to kick-start their shopping spree. A trip in the morning will help you with an attentive staff, tidy stores, less rush, and unlimited options to choose from.

2.Bid your time

The incredible sales and discounts can be tempting at times. It is recommended to bid your time in making your choices. There is no hurry. The DSF lasts for a month, so you will never be short of time to make the best decision or crack the best deal. The DSF is once in a lifetime experience, so make the best use of it.

3.Do your research well

The main trick of the DSF is to know where to buy it from and what to buy. With many choices on display, it is hard to make a decision instantly. Thereby, do your research thoroughly beforehand on which all stores to target that will match your interest.

4.Exploit the best of the sale

If you have a big event or function coming up in your family, then keep in mind the needs and requirements for the same while shopping during the DSF.  A smart way to buy, as you would cover your needs efficiently and also catch the best brands on display at dirt-cheap prices. Don’t forget to load your wardrobe or electronic collection or jewelry with the latest selection of high-end names that you could only dream of owning.

DSF Creativity

5.Allocate a budget to spend on the DSF Sales

It is always recommended to allocate a budget when you enter the malls and the stores. One can go crazy and overshoot their budget by a fair distance considering the choices on display. If you allocate a budget of the maximum you can spend, you will end up buying relevant stuff. Also, it would be better if you make a priority list of the things you require shortly. This way you can satisfy your immediate requirements as well and spend your money wisely.

6.Shop on your requirements or on how much it is marked off

If you look for good deals, you may end up buying a lot of stuff that you may never use it shortly. The DSF may be offering a good deal on a lot of items, but purchasing things that are relevant to you makes more sense and is one of the best ways to make the best use of the DSF.

7.Compare and bargain

Don’t purchase any item on the first available offer you get. Do compare the prices with several offers before you finalize on one for the best price and deal. There is a big difference between the same items across various stores. In this way, you check out the entire collection and make a wise choice.

8.Avoid weekends

Fridays and Saturdays bring most of the crowd to the malls of Dubai. Hence, it is advisable to avoid weekends. It becomes unbearable at times because every possible person in Dubai plans their visit to the malls and stores over the weekends. Shopping on weekdays gives you better access to stores and their salesmen.

9.Best place to catch the action

There is an array of shopping malls and stores that participate in the DSF. Although the Dubai Mall and the Mall of the Emirates may steal the show, you may get good deals at lesser-known malls as well. Some of the other malls that you should check out during the DSF is the Ibn Battuta Mall, Sunset Mall, Mercato Mall, City Center, etc.

10.Explore the Discount racks

All the stores participating in the DSF offer part sales. It is vital that you explore the discount racks, rather than wasting your time and money on the regular racks. These discount racks provide real bargains and fantastic deals.

11.What to buy

Catch the fantastic collection of apparels, Gold and other jewelry, perfumes, cosmetics, watches, leather bags and jackets, home décor, gadgets, exotic dry fruits and spices, and much more at unbelievable prices.

The Dubai Shopping Festival is once in a lifetime experience held annually. Come and enjoy the festivities of this month-long extravaganza by cracking the best deals and adding to your exquisite collection. A tradition that kick-started almost 22 years back has today transformed the face of Dubai to the western world.

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