Dubai is time and again referred to as a Mecca for shopaholics and rightly so, is recognized as the third most popular shopping destinations in the world, after London and Paris. The city that has a shopping mall at every 10 minutes’ drive into the city, has thus become the most sought after destinations by tourists when it comes to shopping. Shopping in Dubai has become even more popular due to the two annual month-long shopping festivals, namely the Dubai Shopping Festival and the Dubai Summer Surprise, organised to promote the Emirate’s retail trade.

Dubai Shopping Festival 2019

Dubai Shopping Festival 2019

Dubai Shopping Festival is the most popular festival of the two and has a record of attracting more the 4 million people to the city for this month-long shopping extravaganza alone. There are a wide variety of options in jewellery, accessories, latest gadgets, etc., to choose from, at dirt cheap rates adding to the reputation of the place. If you are planning to go on a shopping spree, we are going to help you in pointing out the 5 top reasons why Dubai makes the cut as one of the popular shopping destinations.

1.The Shopping Malls

Even if you are not a huge fan of the malls, the malls in Dubai makes perfect sense. A place which has a warm weather almost all round the year, shopping malls come as a relief and an escape from shopping on the city streets. In Dubai, malls are more than just shopping. Mall in Dubai is a place for meeting and catching up with old friends or having a fun time with your family. You can meet up for a coffee or a movie or rocking the bowling alley, slipping on the skiis to swoosh down the slants in arrangement for winter, or going to the gym, spa or beauty salon to get into shape for the summer. Shopping in Dubai malls means that you can come across all the famous international brands and purchase them at a much cheaper rate.

2.Souqs of Dubai

While Dubai boasts a plenitude of smooth shopping centres, the clamouring souqs are really what Dubai has truly been well known for. The Deira secured market was before the Arabian Gulf’s largest – recall, Dubai has been a trading port for a few centuries. The city’s souqs may not be the locale’s most alluring but rather they’re similarly as environmental and effectively as fun. The distinction is Dubai’s souqs are real. Coarse and dilapidated, they’re not only for tourists, they’re the place the real people search for regular things.

3.Bargaining in Dubai is Art

Part of the enjoyment of shopping Dubai’s souqs is bargaining, or wrangling. If you prefer not to play essentially ask the price, you’ll be told a price, and you can pay that price. Be that as it may, if you pay the first price you’re given, comprehend you’re likely paying twofold the esteem. It’s presumably still a deal contrasted with what you’d pay back home, however you can get it for a mess less, and have a fabulous time simultaneously if you deal.

4.Souq Madinat Jumeirah

This magnificent, aerated and cooled, contemporary incarnation of a souq is the place to head when you can’t confront the chaos of the genuine souqs, the warmth has a lot for you, you’re not in the state of mind for bartering, or, when you choose to refuel, you need to have an icy beer or a glass of wine with your lunch. At this wonderful “Old Arabian” styled shopping hub with wooden arcades, wind-towers, and exquisite yards, you can shop in solace for fine quality carpets, painstaking work, trinkets and endowments, and the best stores for those are National Iranian Carpets, the Pride of Kashmir, Lata’s and Al-Jaber Gallery.

5.Shopping Hours in Dubai

The malls in Dubai are open to people from 10 am to 10 pm daily, which proves to be a blessing for a shopaholic visiting the place for a short time. Shops and souqs in the city are open till noon and are closed for shop-keepers to have lunch and some rest before it is re-opened in the evening at around 5 pm, which makes perfect sense, given the kind of heat of the city. Shopping in Dubai can be enjoyed to the fullest at night where you can catch the locals shopping and haggling for items like a pro and learn a thing or two from them.