Dubai is a splendid holiday destination to see. You can see here a number of sightseeing places, which allow you to enjoy your holiday to utmost. This destination is classified into two parts such as South, Bur Dubai and the North, Deira. This city boasts many topmost tourist attractions, which attract several tourists every year. It is blessed with huge shopping malls, towers, and fine mosques, silvery beaches, historical attractions, villas, five star hotels, office towers and many more. It not only comprises of historical places but also great contemporary places too. Enjoying the tranquility of the desert is a mesmerizing experience that you will cherish forever. It is an exciting wonder to visit, which allows tourist make great fun and completely involve into the glory of Dubai. Dubai is expanded along banks of creek. Before getting ready and packing for Dub holiday, you should have a look at wonderful things to do in desert safari.

Desert Safari

1.Desert Safari Dubai

If you are making a plan for doing something adventurous then going for desert safari in Dubai is the best idea. It gives you an unforgettable experience as it is the essence of Dubai. It is one of the best places to start for the sightseeing in Dubai. It will be an exciting and marvelous activity to drive in sand. Desert safari is the splendid attraction, which Dubai offers you. It will be an exciting safari tour that you can enjoy fully. It is a four-wheeled driven vehicle tour. There are many wonderful things to do in Dubai and Desert safari is one of that. Riding through the sand dunes is an amazing experience. The desert area is a barren area. Small hillocks named dunes make the desert area. Previously, the desert safari was on camels however, now it is in vehicles. You will enjoy the camel ride in a vehicle with AC on. You will not feel heated in hot desert, as the vehicle is roomy with AC.

Desert safari involves doing different activities such as dune bashing, belly dancing, and sand skiing and camping in the desert. Are you ready to look into huge sand dunes and exploring some of the amazing views when your vehicle passes the dunes? Talking about camping in the desert, it is a marvelous experience to enjoy your camp in the middle of a desert. Earlier the camping is taken place in the plains, near waterfalls and mountains. Be ready to come with your buddies, friends or family to Dubai to experience such an outstanding experience. Entertainment should be there in your vacation and watching belly dancing in desert ride can double up your vacation. It will be a pleasant experience you will bring home to cherish forever. You will see the best performance of the world here, which insist you to move your body with them. Sand skiing is another must do adventure, which you will love greatly. Make great fun of rolling as well as skating through sand dunes. Even if, it is an ideal experience, which is a bit difficult but will surprise you definitely. Check with best desert safari operator in Dubai. Check with best desert safari operator in Dubai.

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1.Overnight Desert Safari

Overnight desert safari Dubai is another pleasant experience you can take. Visitor’s great attraction in Dubai is deserts of Dubai, which are popular deserts. If you want to know the Arabian Desert Culture and know about how they live then you should opt for overnight desert safari. You can feel another beautiful imagination world. It is a worth taking experience. In this safari, you will also get the knowledge about sandy shores. In this type of desert safari, safari jeeps are arranged to make your ride to the sandy dunes and hills too.

2.Cruising in Dubai

Booking tickets of Dubai dhow cruise is another wonderful thing you can do in Dubai. It is possible for you to view the glory of Dubai city Dubai Cruise. It is really a relaxing and refreshing activity. It is a perfect idea to make fun during your vacation with Cruise. Interesting things you can experience here are cool breezes, trailing your fingers in the cool water and the smell of the sea. You can opt for it after completing your shopping and sightseeing in Dubai. You can have romantic dinner with your loved one. If you are a newlywed couple and want to surprise your half one then you should surprise her by booking Dubai cruise with dinner. Couples get great privacy here and enjoy their dinner. They can spend quality time here.

Deira City Center

3.Shopping in Dubai

Another favorite thing you can do in Dubai is doing shopping Dubai’s big malls. Dubai is widely popular for its huge shopping malls and many tourists prefer to visit these shopping malls every year. These malls have a collection of international brands. The view of the malls is marvelous, which attract you greatly. Even if, shopping here in Dubai is quite costly, many tourists do shopping here. Mall of Emirates and the Dubai Mall are the famous malls in Dubai. There is another mall where you can take the experience of skilling.

4.Burj Al Arab

If you are thinking to visit an elegant place and want to do romantic dinner then nothing is better than visiting the Burj Al Arab, which is a 7 star hotel. It is the most costly hotel of the world. It is a dream come true hotel. You will surely enjoy the delicious food here and share loving things with your special ones. You can do many interesting things here such as doing dinner, enjoying loving music and spend quality time with each other. You need to do reservation in advance to make the use of this opportunity

5.Skiing in Dubai

Skiing is another adventurous and exciting activity you should opt for. Many tourists come every year to do skiing in Dubai. Ensure to wear warm dress. A few lessons will be provided by a few ski resorts for a newbie. You should go through the beginner’s tutorial to learn a few basics and enjoy skiing comfortably.

A few other interesting things to do in Dubai are watch world’s biggest Dubai Fountain, Burj Khalifa and do Jumeirah beach walk too.