Christmas is the best time for visiting Dubai. Visitors from all over the world travel during this time to explore the city and have fun. Most of the international and local events take place at this time that attracts tourists. The atmosphere is electrifying and lively in Dubai during Christmas and it has a lot to offer for all age groups. Christmas being the Vacation time for tourists, people come here and spend the most quality time of their lives.

1.Weather in Dubai during Christmas time

Winter in Dubai

The weather in Dubai during November and December is quite pleasant as compared to the other months of the year. The temperature drops down in evening but it stays warm during midafternoon. You can experience some chilly winds and pleasant climate during the night time. So, you can enjoy your Christmas by sitting back and relaxing on Beach in afternoon and later you can explore the Dubai streets and hunt for the best spot for spending Christmas.

2.Things to do on Christmas in Dubai

1.Dubai Shopping festival

Dubai Shopping Festival 2019

Dubai shopping festival is one of the most happening events that take place during month of December. Most of the tourists plan their holidays considering the shopping festival, Christmas celebration, and New Year’s Eve. You will be amazed to see the events that take place during the shopping festival. There are so many festivals during the Christmas time that not even adults but also kids will have a great time. You can shop, eat and celebrate during the Dubai shopping Festival. There are amazing deals on various products like clothes, electronic gadgets, accessories, furniture, and many more.

2.Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai

First Middle East Indoor ski Area ‘Ski Dubai’ lies in Dubai. The temperature inside is -5 degree Celsius. You can enjoy the Alpine-themed resort that gives the feel of real snow and meet penguins. So, this is the perfect thing you can do on Christmas afternoon and have lots of fun. If you are with your kids, then this is the perfect place to make them have fun as well as give the feel of Christmas.

3.Bruch at Raffles Dubai

Brunch at Raffles Dubai

Brunch at Raffles Dubai

You will be amazed to see the best market at Raffles Dubai during Christmas that will give you the most unforgettable Christmas experience. You can shop for all your favorite things and get unbelievable offers on them. There is also a live music that is surely going to make you go crazy and give the electrifying experience during your tour to Dubai. You may find some various gastronomic specialties that have the famous Raffles Friday Brunch. Indulge in the Christmas delicacies and get the feel of the most celebrated festival across the globe.

4.Fort Island Festive Market

This is the nine day festive market, where you can shop and have lots of fun. It is a type of traditional German Market with a variety of thrilling activities with various types of food stalls. If you are on a holiday with kids, then they are surely going to enjoy the rides and games like North Pole Train. Teenagers can have fun in the bungee jumping activity as well as a huge snowball zone. Kida can have fun with the Santa Claus and get some gifts too.

5.La Farine Festive Market

La Farine Festive Market

La Farine Festive Market

For all the food lovers, this is the perfect place to indulge in the Christmas delicacies. La Farine Café and Bakery has some delicious fresh cakes, waffles, and chocolates. You can also get some attractive gift hampers from the Gingerbread House. Our kids are surely going to fall in love with this place.

6.Christmas Market

Reform Social and Grill Dubai

If you really wish to enjoy your Christmas by shopping and eating out some favorite delicacies, then Christmas market is the best market for you. It takes place on two Saturdays of November and December at the Reform Social and Grill Dubai. It is located on the lakes of the Emirates. You may numerous stalls of beverages, and food. There are various activities for kids where they can have plenty of fun.

7.Besh restaurant

Besh Restaurant in Dubai

If you are a Turkey fan, then this is the perfect place for you. Besh Restaurant in Dubai is known for its Turkish delicacies. It is located in the Sheraton Mall that serves the most delicious Christmas day Bruch. You can get some succulent roasted Turkey with gingerbread and mince pies that is washed with great selection of beverages.

8.Christmas Eve Dinner

JW Marriott Christmas Dinner in Dubai

JW Marriott marquis Dubai serves the best Christmas Eve Dinner with some incredible Peruvian specialties. You would get thrilled with the marvelous and vibrant settings and its unique Christmas menu. This is the perfect place for dining on Christmas eve and spending the most quality time with their loved ones. Adults as well as kids are surely going to enjoy the dinner and take back some awesome memories.

Dhow Cruise Dinner

Christmas Dinner at Dhow Cruise in Dubai

Dining out on a Dhow cruise is the perfect way to experience the international buffet dinner, hospitality, cultural entertainment, and ambiance during Christmas time. Dhow cruise has always been the main attraction among the tourists. This tour boat has beautiful structure and is rich cultural heritage. It is suited for all age group, couples, friends, and family. You can dine in the perfect style with some tempting international buffet that is made by a veteran chef while you feel the perfect calm water on the Dubai creek with some live entertainment. You would be glad to taste the mouth-watering appetizers, delicious main course food from Lebanese, Germany, Iranian, and all the local Middle East cuisines. During Christmas time there is variety of dessert options to satisfy your taste buds. You will surely enjoy the iconic buildings and the glowing city offshore on your Dhow cruise Christmas dinner.

Shop, eat, and celebrate during the best season in Dubai. Get ready to groove on music and get and electrifying experience for lifetime.