Dubai is a land of luxury and opulence in every indulgence. This doesn’t work for someone traveling on a budget. Be ready to lighten your pockets when visiting the city. There is an incredible variety available at your disposal that you are at times spoilt for choices. They are irresistible, and you end up buying something that you may have never even planned. But there are still some hacks that would help the travelers save some money without much effort when they are visiting the Dubai Emirate.

1.Best time to shop


Shopping comes synonymous and one of the favorite pastime of the Dubai population. Even travelers love the shopping experience. Although you can indulge in shopping at any time of the day, early mornings and evenings are probably the best time to buy. Early mornings give you shop keeper’s attention almost immediately, and you are more likely to get a good discount as you are their first customer of the day. Evenings offer much cooler weather, but the crowd intensifies as you move later into the evening.

2.Shopping Festivals and Events

Dubai Shopping Festival

People in Dubai love to shop irrespective of whether they are locals or visitors. The number of shopping festivals and events are a testimonial of the same. The Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF), the Dubai Summer Surprises (DSS) are some of the notable shopping extravaganzas hosted here. You can purchase the top-notch labels in apparel, electronics, accessories, household items, homeware, souvenirs all at incredible rates. Get an opportunity to strike some massive bargains and discounts.

3.Duty-Free Dubai Shopping

The Dubai International Airport brings plenty of affordable bargains available on the table that can be easily compared to different parts of the world. Look out for the great deals on apparel, jewelry, perfumes, electronics, and other consumables. Be ready to be spoilt for choices at the Dubai International Airport as all your shopping indulgence would be duty-free.

4.Buying yellow metal and precious stones in Dubai

Gold Ornament Displayed in a Shop in Gold Souk Dubai

Gold Ornament Displayed in a Shop in Gold Souk Dubai

Dubai offers an incredible range and variety of the yellow metal and other precious stones. Don’t be surprised to see the price of these precious metals. The Dubai Gold Souk offers a dazzling ambiance featuring a superb collection of gold items. Don’t feel shy to bargain, you will have to polish your negotiation skills before heading here. Browse through several shops before coming to a conclusion. Do avoid using credit cards as they attract an additional convenience fee.


Apparel of every size, style, color, and the price is readily available across Dubai. The incredible malls of Dubai are favorite spots if you are looking for local labels. Sales and discounts are running in these outlets at various intervals across the year. It is recommended that you wait for bargain sales if you want to crack great deals on quality items. Second-hand designer wear and bags can be bought at the Prime Dubai Designer Market for a reasonably affordable price. You need not be worried about the pre-owned merchandise, as the goods sold are in an excellent condition. This is a monthly community event hosted every second Saturday of each month. Local artisans sell exclusive hand-made products like clothes, accessories, jewelry, and much more at the ARTE, which is also another event hosted in the Dubai Emirate.


Bateel Dates

Dates are the local delicacy of the Arab world and Dubai is one of the few destinations where you can find a wide variety of dates within all sizes. Bateel Dates are the exclusive lot that would match the taste of any visitors. These dates are imported from Saudi Arabia and undergo a strict quality control mechanism before being put forward in the streets. That is the prime reason why these dates are so moist, and merely tantalize your taste buds. Agwa Dates are another favorite type of dates in Dubai, but they are very rarely found in the markets, as the tree produce is very low.

7.Souvenirs and Gift Items


The perfect answer for budget shopping is to visit Karama, the original home of real fakes. There are numerous outlets selling souvenirs, gifts, and much more – ideal for purchasing for your loved ones back home. Keep your haggling skills handy as it is a norm here. If you are buying more items from one shop, you are more likely to get a higher discount based on your bartering skills. Do check out a couple of stores so that you can get an idea of what the cost of a particular item would be. Always negotiate in the store that offers the lowest price. You can alternatively choose to walk out, the vendors will come back to you.

Carrefour is another beautiful destination where you can indulge in some budget apparel and accessories shopping. If you are looking for little more trendy items, head to Splash, Centre Point stores, where you can purchase daily fashion at a reasonable cost. Avoid international labels unless there is a sale or massive discount as it would cross your initial budget.


Carpets in Dubai

Leave out Iran, Dubai stands among the top nations to purchase high-quality carpets and mats. Carpets and Rugs are synonymous with the rich cultural heritage of the Emirate, and it will be tough to find an Arabic home that doesn’t have a carpet. Hand-made carpets are comparatively costlier than machine-woven carpets. You can own a machine-woven carpet for approximately 100-500 Dirhams, whereas the hand-woven one costs about 4,000 Dirhams. A silk carpet can be even more expensive with some of them touching almost 60,000 Dirhams. It is recommended that you find a specialized dealer while purchasing carpets, they offer more variety and better quality. Some of the popular ones feature in the Dubai Mall (Emad Carpets and National Iranian Carpets) and the Mall of the Emirates (The Red Carpet and National Iranian Carpets). If you are looking for local carpets, head to the Friday Market hosted in Masafi in Fujairah, another Emirate in the U.A.E.

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