Dubai is one of the world’s most favored destinations to holiday. Since there are millions of tourists coming in throughout the year, it is important know from an expat Dubai about how to get around the city without burning a hole in your pocket. If you have all the information, travel in Dubai can be quite easy. This is a modern city with a well-developed transportation system. Therefore, you just need to know what transport to use to get to your destination.



Find out from RTA Dubai portal about the above-the-ground Metro rail transport. This is a great way to get around the city. It is a fast, cheap, trustworthy, and convenient way to travel. In fact, you will get all the information you need to have a great time in Dubai. The railways make use of prepaid e-cards which ensure that you do not overpay and can easily move about. Just like the rest of Dubai, the metro system is high tech. You will enjoy traveling on it.

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Most travelers are always wary of using taxi services in unknown places out fear of getting ripped off, but not in Dubai. The taxi system is highly organised. They run on meters so there is no question of being overcharged. The only place you will be charged more is when you are travelling from the international airport. This is a rule where the taxis charge you 20 -25 AED flag-fall charge. Other than that, there’s only a 10 AED flag-fall charge for other locations in the city. If you are woman travelling alone, you can get a female driven taxi cab for yourself.


The Dubai government is trying its best to promote public transport, so there’ll be much less traffic on the road and pollution in the air. Therefore, a wide fleet of air condition buses ply the road connecting important destinations with each other. During the summer, temperatures can easily cross 50 degrees celsius, so the bus shelters are also fully air conditioned, and you can wait there comfortably. Also, there are more airway pedestrian crossings, so you can cross safely. Bus travel has greatly improved in the past decade, and is a great way to get around Dubai.

4.Abras (Water Taxis)

The Dubai Creek cuts a long way into the city and divides a part of it into two portions. Of course, there are roads that connect both ends but another great and fun way to get to the other side is by catching a traditional abra. These tiny boats were once the lifeline of travel in this coastal city, but today, it is cheapest way of crossing the creek. Plus, it is quite a fun way to experience sea travel.

5.On Foot

Dubai is one of the safest cities in the world. Therefore, you can fearlessly walk on the road. If you are worried about traffic, then know this, the pedestrians have the right of the way and cars stop for pedestrians to cross the road. Also, there are many walkways that let you cross safely. The only problem you have to face is the heat. Therefore, it is advisable to walk only during the coolers months like December and January. Summer months are a strict no for walking. Dubai has long and wide footpaths. Walking can be fun and of course, a great form exercise, which you’ll be needing after gorging on delicious and rich Emirati cuisine. Many of the attractions of Dubai are closely located so walking around is a great way to explore Dubai. If you are here for DSF – Dubai Shopping Festival, you will definitely be walking, carrying loads of shopping bags.

One tip for people wanting to travel by bus and metro is that they should get an NOL card. This electronic card is lets you pay the fare. You can preload sums from 14 AED to 500 AED. This card can be bought at any Metro Station, and is great way to get around without having to carry cash.

There are so many forms of travels that make up Dubai transportation. Travelling is quite convenient in the city, and it will only get better with time. After all, Dubai is the city that shows the world technological advancement in everyday living.

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