The Dubai Shopping Festival is the best time to splurge on yourself as well as your family and friends. And what is better than starting your year with some fabulous retail therapy. The reason why most people head to Dubai Shopping Festival every year is that you get to indulge in luxury shopping without paying the actual price. At the shopping festival in Dubai, you can buy the latest electronic products like mobiles, laptops, tablets, etc. with heavy discounts, sometimes as high as 75%. Apart from electronics, you can indulge in buying clothes, accessories and many such luxury products.

The Dubai Shopping Festival is not restricted to a particular place. On the other hand, the entire city is a part of this magnanimous shopping experience. Right from small stores to the traditional souks to the enormous malls and the lavish boutiques, almost every store in Dubai is a part of this festival.

1.Global Village

Global Village in Dubai

The Dubai Global Village is a must visit place for the ultimate Dubai shopping experience. This place comprises of 31 pavilions, each representing a particular country and their culture. At each of the pavilions, you would get to see and buy things specific to that particular place. Global Village also offers several entertainment options like Fantasy Land, the Heritage Village, the 3D Haunted House, Illumination World, etc.


Souks in Dubai

The souks in Dubai are traditional shopping centres majorly catering to gold and spices. The Gold Souks in Dubai is dedicated to lines of gold stores. Nowhere in the world would you find so much gold in just one place. While most gold stores offer good deals and discounts, you can haggle to get the best deal possible.

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3.Shopping Mall

Shopping Mall in Dubai

You cannot really ignore the shopping malls in Dubai. Covering the area of several football fields, most of the malls in Dubai have stores of almost all the international brands. The Dubai Shopping Festival is not only the best time to shop for your favorite brand, but also to purchase those merchandise that you always longed for but couldn’t because of the price. Most stores provide great discounts on all their products to attract as many customers as possible.

Apart from these, there are boutiques that you need to check out at Meena Bazar and Karama Bazar.. There are several shopping malls that arrange transport services from some hotels to the mall. You should enquire about the same at your hotel to know more about such facilities.

The Dubai Shopping Festival is a true paradise for lovers of shopping. You should take the opportunity and revel in the magic of this festival!