Dubai is the best place for all Shopaholic people. Visitors from all over the world travel to Dubai to explore more of its culture and enjoy shopping. During Dubai Shopping Festival most of the malls and shopping destinations have electrifying events where all the shoppers display deals on fashion, jewelry, accessories, and electronics. Dubai Shopping Festival is known as the world’s biggest shopping festival. Apart from shopping, there is much fun and entertainment with some exciting gift hampers and prizes that will keep you thrilled throughout your tour in Dubai.

1.What is Dubai Shopping Festival?

Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) was first introduced in February 16, 1996. In less time it was promoted to the major tourist attraction. This premier festival lasts for a month where you will find major sale and amazing discounts in almost every store. During this whole month, you will find various activities in malls, parks, and other tourist’s attractions in Dubai. For a remarkable experience, various innovative programs are introduced every year.

2.Dates of Dubai Shopping Festival 2019

Dubai Shopping Festival is mostly held in the first quarter year. It goes along for whole month. Since few years, the festival is held from first week of January till February. Shopping festival for the years 2019 has been declared from December 26, 2018 to February 2, 2019,. While the shopping festival is going on, all the malls will be open for longer working hours. This will give plenty of time for the visitors to shop and have fun.

3.Venue for Dubai Shopping Festival 2019

Dubai Shopping Festival 2019 Venue View

All the festivities during Dubai Shopping Festival are held all over in Dubai. All the retail stores and all the malls take part in the festival. To involve in festival, most of the parks held innovative events and include fireworks.

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4.What to Buy in Dubai Shopping Festival 2019

  • Dubai Shopping Festival invites all the fashion lovers from all over the world. Wide range of Apparels and latest fashion trends are the main pillars of this festival. The other things that are the main attraction are the amazing deals on electronic items. This attracts visitors to the festival as well as they get to see and buy wide variety of products that suits their taste. During this festival most of the companies also launch their new products as this is the perfect time and right platform for the companies to show their skills and product to the people from all over the world.

Raffle draw during Dubai shopping festival 2019

  • There are raffle draws and many other exciting offers, which are carried during this event where you can win these draws and offers. You can also get to see various home appliances and furniture outlets from different brands with attractive discounts. Gran the best deals available as this is the best time to check for new style designs at maximum discounts.
  • There are varied range and different style of leather bags, branded cosmetics, and leather jackets in Dubai shopping Festival. You are surely going to go crazy by seeing the types of variations in style.
  • Various stores of perfumes display their latest creation and sell in the discounted prices. This is again one of the best things to buy from the festival if you are a perfume lover. Perfumes with long lasting fragrance and with different flavors are specially made for the festival as that the crowd from all over the world takes away the best things from world’s most famous Shopping Festival. The quality of Dubai’s leather is just irreplaceable. The style and the quality makes the visitors buy it with the best discounted prices.
  • You will find the best branded watches in the shopping festival. There are various stores that display their creations in this festival to attract more number of customers. You can check out different types of diamond-studded watches as well as the quartz dial watch with amazing heavy discounts.

5.What to Expect in Dubai Shopping Festival 2019

Fireworks During Dubai Shopping Festival 2019

  • Shopping is not the only thing you can do in Dubai Shopping Festival. There are so many interesting events during this festival that people are fully entertained and contented in this incredible city.
  • You can check out the amazing fireworks in major parts of the city like Zabeel Park and Creek Park. In these park there are many activities organized for kids like face painting, magic shows, and so on. Children have lots of fun and are well entertained during this period.
  • Once you are in the city during the festival, you will check out for the most attractive street plays and live shows that are performed by amazing musicians and artists. You can also enjoy flash mobs and various fashions shows in different malls that create a vibrant atmosphere. During this event there are various game shows held in the malls with attractive prizes. You can also see parades in the downtown area where it makes a colorful and attractive atmosphere.
  • In the whole city right from the hotels to malls, landmark destinations to downtown area, parks to resorts, different types of exhibitions and workshops are held. There is also celebrity meet and greet, which is organized especially for public. The main attraction of the whole event is the raffle draws that is carried in every mall. The lucky winners are given cash, gift vouchers, cars, and home appliances. This attracts visitors to the raffle draws and most of the people participate in full swing.
  • During the Dubai Shopping Festival, the other festivals like Children’s International Film Festival and Dubai International Film Festival are too held. Hence, you can watch the movies and take a look at your favorite stars during press conferences or on the red carpet.

Dubai Shopping Festival 2019 is surely going to be a hit. Celebrate, Shop, and get entertained in the most vibrant atmosphere and take away exciting memories to cherish for lifetime.