Dubai is time and again referred to as a Mecca for shopaholics and rightly so, is recognized as the third most popular shopping destinations in the world, after London and Paris. The city that has a shopping mall at every 10 minutes’ drive into the city, has thus become the most sought after destinations by […]

An aficionado’s heaven, a shoppers dream, a perfect family destination, and children’s fancy – these some of the things you would associate with the popular Dubai Shopping Festival. Inaugurated in the year 1996, the year 2019-20 will see the biggest shopping extravaganza in the middle east. Held annually year. The Dubai Shopping Festival lasts for […]

Dubai is a modern city with an amazing skyline, swanky hotels, enormous malls and everything that an ultra-modern city possesses. While the city reflects the Western cities in style and architecture, an important thing to remember is that Dubai is first and foremost a part of a Muslim country. Even though Dubai is quite liberal […]

Dubai is a land of architectural excellence. It offers a perfect balance between the ageless traditions and the every changing technical advancements. With swanky malls, skyrocketing buildings, and world class shopping extravaganzas, one would definitely be fascinated by the wonderful view of the city. People often mistake it as the city of glass and concrete. […]