An aficionado’s heaven, a shoppers dream, a perfect family destination, and children’s fancy – these some of the things you would associate with the popular Dubai Shopping Festival. Inaugurated in the year 1996, the year 2019-20 will see the biggest shopping extravaganza in the middle east. Held annually year. The Dubai Shopping Festival lasts for over a month, and there are a host of activities and festivities to guests to indulge in. You can definitely feel the cheerfulness and the vibrant vibes in this Emirati land during the festival. This shopping extravaganza is home to unbelievable discounts and deals, and the shopping options are not limited to the luxurious malls of Dubai, the flea markets, and local markets give you unbelievable prices. You could also win several prizes from the daily raffles which include cash and even cars. Enjoy the month-long shopping extravaganza along with several celebrities’ live performances and amazing events to deal with. There is something in store for everyone across all age groups to deal with. And not to forget you are welcomed by the traditional gorgeous fireworks display of the DSF.

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1.Shop Smart during the Dubai Shopping Festival

While the Dubai Shopping Festival offers you the best brands with heavy discounts and unbeatable prices, you should learn to shop smart which would help you get the best deal and discounts. If you want to catch hold of the latest offers and deals during the Dubai Shopping Festival, we would recommend you the following:

  • Download the new MyDSF 2019-20 Offers app : You can stay updated about the latest and early-bird deals and discounts
  • Shop early to get the best deal before anybody else : The more you delay, chances are that others may snatch the best deal from you. The more you delay, you will have lesser options available
  • Research well before you head to the place to shop : Knowing beforehand what you want to buy, where you want to buy will save loads of time in fulfilling your shopping desires
  • Splurge your shopping cravings during the sale : Curb your urge to fulfill your shopping needs. Look for good picks other than the things you need immediately
  • Exotic Spices and dry Fruits : Select among the exotic dry fruits and aromatic spices such as black cardamom or saffron. You won’t get much discount, but the taste and quality cover up for the price and is totally worth every penny you spent purchasing them.
  • Gadgets and Electronics : Dubai being a land free of taxes is a good reason for all the gadget freaks. Get the best brands and the latest products from Sony, Apple, Bose, Fujitsu, Cross Gold, Vertu – all these available with heavy discounts.
  • Home Décor : Head to Carpet Oasis to be in the world of the most colorful and beautiful carpets to cover all the floor space around. You can even get a heavy discount up to 50-75% discount if you look out for the best deals.

2.All things to cover apart from shopping during the Dubai Shopping Festival

Although Dubai Shopping Festival is one of the biggest shopping extravaganzas on the planet, you have a host of other activities to indulge in during the festival which is surely going to give you a great experience here in Dubai.

Be a part of the amazing live music and stage performances by various celebrities from across the globe, tantalize your taste buds with scrumptious food tastings in Dubai. Apart from these, you have juggler acts, magic shows, colorful flash mobs, hearty Raffle draws and entertaining street performances to look out for. If you traveling with your younger ones, then you have plenty of fun activities to keep them engaged. They get a chance to meet their favorite cartoon characters such as Tarzan, Casper, and Pokemon.

You can also explore the latest fashion and designs at the Dubai Fashion Week and also check out the amazing transformation of the Dubai Mall’s popular skating rink into the fashion on the ice runway. You can also indulge in some adventurous dune bashing or the desert safari if you are an adventure freak. This activity is definitely not for the light-hearted.

One of the main highlights of the DSF is the colorful and mesmerizing fireworks display welcoming the guests and tourists in Dubai. This is an annual ritual which is a wonderful experience for people across all age groups and cultures.

3.What all things to look out for shopping during DSF

Apparels : You will be spoilt for choices considering the options available at your disposal, and if you get your favorite designer brands at unbeatable prices, then it feels like heaven. So whether you are planning to shop for something casual/party/formal wear from popular brands such BOGGI, Guess, Jack & Jones, Armani, Burberry, Prada, Christian Louboutin, Billionaire, Verri, Bebe, Rodeo Drive, etc. The shopping festival has almost every brand available on the planet to fulfill your shopping cravings.

Gold and other precious stones jewelry : Dubai has always been a land of gold, and you will be stunned at the prices of the yellow metal. With appealing designs, purity, the Dubai Shopping Festival is a perfect opportunity to add to your collection of modern and contemporary designed jewelry.

Perfumes and Cosmetics : The Dubai Shopping Festival brings all the best brands in the business for watches like Burberry, Bvlgari, De Beers, Chanel, Gucci, etc. all under one roof, and when the same is duty-free. It turns out like a dream come true.

Watches : Diamond-studded watches may look like a distant dream, but the Dubai Shopping Festival gives you a perfect opportunity and occasion to gift yourself or your loved ones from the classic collection of Cartier, Burberry, ICW, Rado, Michael Kors, and much more – all at heavy discounts and unbeatable prices.

Leather Bags and Jackets : Dubai is famous for some of the best quality leather in the region. With the Dubai Shopping Festival, add to your collection of Leather bags and jackets from the stylish and classy collection available at your disposal and choose among the best brands in the world like Burberry, Prada, Sharief, Condotti, Jashanmal, and much more – all available at unbelievable prices.

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