About Us – eDSF

eDubai Shopping Festival is associated with Rayna Group, a destination management company based in Dubai. Rayna Group has the experience and knowledge of planning and organising several tours in Dubai as well as around the world. We are a group of professionals who are enthusiastic about travelling and hence we have been able to provide the best travel experiences to our clients.

For us, the satisfaction and happiness of our clients are extremely important. Hence, we offer several travel packages. You can call us and talk to our tour representative to know about various deals and also to let us know your travel needs. With our expertise, we would be able to create a tour package that fits your budget as well as requirements correctly. We offer bespoke services for individual, family as well as corporate tours.
Our travel services not only include tour packages, but also a variety of other travel related services, such as airline tickets, Dubai visa and airport transfers. We arrange hotel bookings as per your budget. Once you are in Dubai, we also arrange sightseeing and other tours for you. As we have been in business for quite a long time, we have a fleet of cruises, cars, desert camps and such other things that make it possible for us to provide the best tour services.
While we strive to provide the best possible services to our clients, we ensure that our charges are reasonable and offer services that are value for money. All our packages are priced without much mark-up so that we can give our clients the best deal. This has helped us to stay ahead of the competition. However, in no way do we compromise on the quality of our services.

Our Mission

At eDubai Shopping Festival, we aim to provide the tour packages and services that are of the top quality. We have highly competent team members who have the necessary knowledge, qualifications and skills to be part of this industry. With their experience of organising tours and multi-lingual skills, we strive to create tour packages that suit their requirements. We focus on our growth and development in every way so that we would be able to adapt to the growing needs of the travel industry successfully.

Our Vision

We want to be known as the top destination management company all over the world. Hence, we have been striving to create:

  • New and trustworthy business deals and relationships
  • Potential market niches
  • Strong local and global presence
  • Use the right resources to enhance the quality of our tour products and services

eDubai Shopping Festival have been able to provide the best possible inbound tours and services in Dubai, with a highly experienced team of travel consultants, visa specialists, guides, and drivers. Currently, we have offices in UAE and India, and are planning to expand our reach with the help of our existing and new clients.