Whenever, we are planning to go for a trip, we are always concerned about what outfits should we wear during the whole trip. Early planning to last minute shopping is what we do for a dreamed trip. And especially when it’s Dubai that’s a tough job to do as many of you will get confused about what to wear in Dubai and what to pack for Dubai.

Even being a cosmopolitan city, and filled with modern culture and thoughts, Dubai is a bit strict about their dressing sense. They would rather prefer a decent outfit with covered shoulders and knees. But they have given a little bit of gratis for the tourists subjected to various places. When travelling to Dubai, dressing for the desert heat while respecting Islamic traditions can be a little challenge. Nevertheless, Dubai clothing is quite liberal, in comparison to several other states in the Middle East. So here is the full list of what clothing should we wear as a tourist.

1.Dress code for Desert Safari Dubai :


One of the most popular tourists spot in Dubai is the Desert Safari. Men should prefer wearing pants or shorts and a t-shirt or shirt, while for women, they can wear a Capri or other dresses, but miniskirts or more body revealing clothes are not suggested. Moreover, in winter months try carrying a sweater or jacket as it gets chiller in the night. Regarding footwear, sandals or tight shoes are suggested because you don’t want to take desert mud into your hotels.

2.Dress code for Dhow Cruise :

Dhow cruise in Dubai is the best way to unwind from the daily routine. It gives a unique experience to the tourists and allows them to recharge for the next adventure. You don’t have to put on a tuxedo for the dhow cruise ride. You can choose between casual and formal dress, but see that you are appropriately covered. No slippers or short are allowed on the dhow cruise. Women should also be covered entirely. They must shun dresses with a dropping neckline, sleeveless blouse with a low cut back and skirts are out of the question.

3.Dress code for malls :


Men could prefer wearing shorts, although may be considered odd, are not likely to get into mess. On the other hand, cycling shorts that expose certain curves or boxer shorts may result in word of warning from the authorities. Wearing cycling shorts when cycling should be all right. A full covered body outfit is appreciated to anywhere you go in Dubai.

Especially for women it is best to remain covered from shoulder to knees. However, t-shirts preferably with sleeves covering at least the upper arm should be fine. Females wearing short skirts, spaghetti tops or strappy tops could receive a warning in the mall or shopping centers.

4.What to wear in Beach :


The beautiful beaches in Dubai have always been a major tourist attraction. Breathtaking beaches with clear blue waters here will prove to be the ultimate tropical getaway leaving you sunkissed and wanting more. Dubai beach could give you the opportunity to wear body revealing clothes both for men and women.

Men can wear swimwear, shorts, boxers or anything they want to but no sign of nudity should be reflected. Same goes with women’s; they can wear bikinis and swimwear at the beach or pool, but skimpy thongs are not an appropriate outfit to wear.

People are not allowed to wear swimwear anywhere else other than the pool or beach. You cannot sit around the beachside restaurants or cafes or walk on the roads wearing a swim wear. You will need to cover your body with other clothes as soon as your beach session is over and you are getting back to city.

5.What to wear in Dubai Waterpark :

A Waterpark is what is similar to a beach or pool. So swimwear, bikinis and shorts are preferable to enjoy the water slides and other rides. But again, an appropriate swimwear must be worn all the times when using park attractions. If wearing inappropriate attire is caught, visitors may be asked to change or leave the premises. In appropriate clothing includes underwear’s for men and transparent bathing suits for women. Moreover, clothing shall not offensively expose parts of the body, or display obscene or unpleasant pictures and slogans.

6.How to dress in Dubai Mosque :

Dress code In Mosque

If you are visiting a Mosque in Dubai, you should be very careful with the dressing sense there, as inappropriate dress code will not be tolerated at any reason. The dress code is strictly enforced in Mosques. Women should wear long skin tops, loose clothing, and make sure their knees are covered. A head scarf must also be worn so it is appreciated to bring one with you. If your dress code is not considered suitable, they will gladly lend you a long black gown to wear over your attire and a black headscarf.

7.Clothing in Dubai as a tourist (Between March to October months) :

During the summer, temperatures can often reach over 100 degrees. Late March to October are the hottest months, so you will want to pack items that prevents sunburn, such as hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, and lip balm. Sandals and shoes are needed to keep your feet from burning on beach sand.

8.What to wear in Dubai during winter months :

The desert can get cold at night in the winter from December through February so it’s a good idea to pack a light jacket or sweater. For women, also pack a Pashmina, or shawl, to wrap around you for warmth and modest fashion. For the daytime, pack as you would for the summer months as Dubai is hot and humid year round though the winters are more mild.

9.How to Dress in Dubai Restaurants :

Tourist may also be concerned about what should they wear in restaurants in Dubai. A tourist may be dressed in evening wear that bares their shoulders. Take a pashmina with you to cover your shoulders until you arrive at the restaurant. It will also keep you warm as many establishments have their air conditioning set to low temperatures. If you’re having afternoon tea at Burj Al Arab, the hotel will send you advice on what to wear when you make your reservation.

10.Dubai clothing during gym work-out :

You may need to know what to wear to the gym or while running.

You can wear normal workout gear in a hotel or private gym. When running outside, wear longer shorts and a lightweight top if you are male.

Women can get away with wearing running leggings as long as they go past the knee.

11.What could be the consequences if found ignoring the Dress Code :

If caught wearing an unpleasant dress, and getting a warning, it is best to make an apology and fix the felonious item, or at least fix it instantly. Nevertheless, on arguing with the troubled person, matters may get worse, and police may be called.

On being caught in such a situation, possibilities are one month imprisonment, subsequently deportation. Although, the police may not walk around mostly looking for offensively dressed visitors, but, they will definitely respond to grumbles and complaints.