Shopping in Dubai comes as an obvious must to-do task for Dubai travelers. Since Dubai’s free trade policy, retail trade has flourished attracting many traders from India, Iran and Lebanon to start their trade in Dubai during its early years which slowly started the emirate’s revolutionary change in retail sector. Today, with massive elegant malls , countless retail outlets and bustling ancient markets selling everything you need, Dubai indeed beats every other destination when it comes to shopping. Moreover, people around the world flock to Dubai just for extensive shopping experience and the craze for the same doubles during the annually held month long Dubai Shopping Festival. There is everything you wish for that is available in Dubai and gold in particular is a popular product for shopping by visitors. In Dubai, gold is considered customary and you might find this gleaming metal boldly flaunted in lavish restaurants and luxury hotels. In fact you can get a gold bar from gold vending machines and there is a whole section of market dedicated to gold.  Step into Gold Souk and find yourself in a place where all that glitters is genuinely gold. The winding alleys are lined in rows of small shops crammed with gold chains, heavy necklaces, rings, bangles, souvenirs and much more. Shopping for gold is considered safe and economical as Dubai is tax free emirate and the gold prices are regulated by the government as per strict standards. However, here are few things to keep in mind while shopping in Gold Souks of Dubai.

Gold Jewellery

1.Know the price of the day

Gold prices fluctuate everyday, hence it is essential to know the gold rate of the day before you start your shopping. With this information in your hand, you can avoid getting misled by retailers and also strike a good deal with some bargaining.

2.Know the best time to shop

There are certain seasons and events when prices of merchandise in Dubai are slashed. Plan your trip according to such events and you can get a sale experience that is reasonable and value for money. The Dubai Shopping Festival is one such time when you can have a great shopping experience and get goods at best quality at cheap prices. You can take advantage of this festive season to shop for gold as it becomes cheaper. Another great advantage is that you can get lucky and win kilos of gold as prizes without spending a penny.

3.Do research and look around before you shop

Gold shopping is extravagant in Dubai, you can find countless retailers showcasing their gold collection at lavish malls, individual retail outlet and of course at the Gold Souk where lanes after lanes are lined with gold displays at decades old shops of experienced traders from different nation origins. All this can get a bit overwhelming and you might wonder which gold shops to check out. It is better to have a clear idea of what exactly you are looking for – jewellery that you would wear or something for investment purpose. Ask around to know which shops are favoured by most visitors and locals. Before settling your final purchase, you can look around in different shops and come back later to the shop you feel has the best gold products that fulfils your interest, quality and fits in your budget.

4.Learn to bargain

Bargaining at Dubai Souks are considered as a common practice. One advantage of gold shopping at the Gold Souk is that unlike in big malls and individual gold shops, you don’t have to pay the rate displayed on the price tag of the gold product you want to buy. At Gold Souk, though gold rates are displayed in shops, you have the chance to negotiate the sale price and get gold at reduced prices than its sale value. So try bargaining and you could get gold at much reasonable prices, but do be a sport by either settling on the lowest price agreed by the retailer. In case you disagree, step out of the shop and look around in other shops to see if you can get something that matches your desire and budget.

5.Set up a budget

In Dubai, shopping is addictive and can easily let you forget track of your time as well as your budget. Before going on a shopping spree, it is better to have a clear idea of what you need and set up a budget accordingly for a guilt free shopping experience. Although you might not splurge on gold, but the urge to buy may over rule your willpower. Since gold is expensive, purchasing more than you intend to buy might be a heavy hit on your wallet. Hence it is sensible to plan ahead on how much you would want to spend on your trip to Gold Souk.

The Dubai Gold Souk is a marvel to watch with every store window adorned in gold glittering brightly. Even if you do not want to shop, a stroll down these lanes for its sheer exaggerated gold display is a must do attraction. If you do saunter down the lanes of Gold Souk, chances are you would find it hard to resist your shopping impulse and end up buying something precious for yourself.

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