The Dubai Shopping Festival is one of the most popular shopping festivals in the whole world. Started over 20 years ago as a retail event, today the Dubai Shopping Festival or DSF has become the most celebrated one in the world. Millions of people flock to Dubai during the shopping festival. As the festival happens in December-January months, many people grab the opportunity to celebrate Christmas and New Year in Dubai too. With the DSF 2019 around the corner, people have started making plans to attend this shopping festival. However, several people are unsure as to whether visiting Dubai during the shopping festival is worth it. In one word, the answer would be, yes. Let us find the reasons as to why the Dubai Shopping Festival is really worth the visit.

Dubai Shopping Festival 2019

Dubai Shopping Festival 2019

1.Dubai Shopping Festival 2019

With December arriving soon, you would be excited to know about the Dubai Shopping Festival dates, especially if you are planning to visit the city. The DSF 2019 is from December 26’2018 to January 28’2019. Like every year, you can expect something bigger and better during the Dubai Shopping Festival. Apart from the New Year’s Eve celebrations, you get to enjoy amazing discounts and deals, marvellous fireworks and great entertainment shows. The DSF is not just about shopping but celebrating life itself.

2.Why Visit Dubai Shopping Festival?

As it is already mentioned that visiting the Dubai Shopping Festival is a good idea. Let us check out the reasons for the same.

1.Big Deals and Discounts:

The main highlight of the DSF is the discounts. Almost every store and every mall participate in the shopping festival, and you are likely to get a discount for up to 75%. If you are lucky, you may also come across stores that are selling their products with almost 90% discount. If a store is not offering any discounts, you would find some great deals too.

2.Products Galore:

So, what can you buy at the DSF? The right question would be what can you not buy at the Dubai Shopping Festival. You can buy everything here. Right from branded clothes to precious jewellery, you can replenish your wardrobe or get ready for an upcoming wedding. Apart from this, electronics, watches, perfumes, leather bags, furniture, etc. are available at great discounts at the DSF.


Concert during the dubai shopping festival

Concert during the Dubai shopping festival

While shopping is the best thing to do at the DSF, it is not the only thing you can do here. Even if you are not interested in shopping, you would have a great time in the city. The place organizes several entertainment programs during the festival. There are fashion shows, music concerts, dancer performances, etc. happening all around the city. Celebrities and artists from around the world visit Dubai during this time for their performances. There are also events and activities for little children. In short, there is something for people of all ages and genders.

4.Lucky Draws:

Each time you shop at the DSF, you become eligible to win some amazing prices. Every mall conducts daily lucky draws where a shopper can win anything from money to luxury cars. So, if you are asked to fill a coupon or form while shopping, do not hesitate. Who knows, if you are lucky, you may win a lottery or take back home some amazing prices.

5.Great Tour Packages:

Another advantage of going to the DSF is that you get to pick from some great tour packages. Most tour companies offer holiday packages designed around the shopping festival. However, many people wonder whether the travel deals are really worth it or whether they are just marketing gimmicks. In reality, they are great deals. You not only get to go sightseeing and enjoy the unique experiences that Dubai has to offer, but also would be able to go for shopping tours. Most of these shopping tours are guided tours, so you get access to the best deals, making your shopping trip worthwhile.

3.Tips for DSF 2019

As it is already established that the DSF is really worth all the hype, it is time to book your tickets. However, before you catch your flight and fly to the city, here are some tips that would help to make your holiday during DSF a successful one:

  • Download the mobile application dedicated to DSF where you can learn about daily deals and discounts. This would make it easier for you to go to stores that are offering the best deals on products you want to buy.
  • Many people want to know when is a good time to visit Dubai. During the Dubai Shopping Festival or before it, when the crowd will be less? The holiday season in Dubai starts in November. If you want to avoid too much crowd, it would be best to visit before the DSF begins. However, in this case, you would miss some amazing shopping and entertainment experiences. Still, the decision rests on you. If sightseeing is your only reason to visit, you can plan your holiday before the DSF. But if you want to enjoy the shopping and the amazing holiday vibe, you must visit during the DSF.
  • You would find that all the malls and stores are super-crowded during the DSF. There are also chances that the something you liked was picked up by someone else, before you could reach it. If you want to avoid the massive crowds at stores, start your shopping trip early. Most shopping malls open at 10 in the morning and it would be best to arrive early, so you can shop in relative peace.
  • Do not be stuck at malls for all your shopping. Do visit the Global Village where you would get to visit pavilions and stalls dedicated to almost all countries around the world. Plus, there are entertainment programs for everyone here.

The Dubai Shopping Festival is a remarkable event, one that reflects the grandeur and opulence of the city perfectly. With so many things to look forward to at the DSF, it is one event that you should go to, at least once in your lifetime.