Dubai is often referred as a shopping paradise, and it has been a preferred shopping destination for many guests from around the world since ages. When you have several options to choose from in apparel, jewellery, accessories, footwear, etc. One cannot complain after all, and they are going to short of time shopping in Dubai. […]

Dubai is a land of architectural excellence. It offers a perfect balance between the ageless traditions and the every changing technical advancements. With swanky malls, skyrocketing buildings, and world class shopping extravaganzas, one would definitely be fascinated by the wonderful view of the city. People often mistake it as the city of glass and concrete. […]

Dubai offers you a charismatic and an incomparable experience, with some of the best shopping malls in the World. Tourists and shoppers will be in for a big surprise on seeing the variety of brands which are available at their disposal. One can find the best crowd when the Dubai Shopping festival is on. A […]

The Dubai Shopping Festival is the best time to splurge on yourself and on your family and friends. And what is better than starting your year with some fabulous retail therapy.

The reason why most people head to Dubai Shopping Festival every year is that you get to indulge in luxury shopping without paying the actual price.